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Biomechanics Assessments

Are you ready to discover exactly which exercises and drills will cause you to run 20% faster or farther, jump 20% higher or farther, and throw 20% farther?

Every athlete compensates for their strengths, weaknesses, physical limitations and abilities. Even thoughts play a role in how an athlete performs in every sport! 

Our coaches conduct biomechanics assessments identify exactly what each athlete needs to do to improve  their performances by 5%, 10% up to 20% in less than 10 weeks! 

Z ATHLETE FACTORY is our sports performance training group providing speed, strength, and corrective exercise programs for athletes in all sports. By focusing on building athletes from the ground up, we achieve results which are not typical of other programs. 

Where do we begin?

The first step in our program is to assess every athlete with our 3D motion capture and biomechanics analysis system.  Our proprietary technology gives our coaches detailed insight on each individual athlete's strengths, weaknesses, limitations and abilities. 

Our Assessment Include: 

  • Foot Pressure and Foot Muscle Activation Assessment

  • RunRite 3D Gait Analysis developed by our founder Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist

  • 3D BioCap

    • Functional Movement Screen (Overhead Squat)

    • Throwing Assessment

The next step is to prescribe solutions specifically designed to cause each individual athlete to achieve the results only available to them. We don't give workouts based on your event. Our coaching recommendations are truly based on you! 

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Your Feet are the most important yet most neglected part of your body!

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3D-Foot Pressure Assessment

Discover how to run faster or eliminate runner related injuries!

3D RunRite Assessment

Improve Individual event technique with the only 3D Assessment for Throwers


3D-BioCap Assessment


"As high school coaches, we can only do so much in the limited amount of time we have with the number of athletes in our programs.  Having a service like RunRite which really focuses on the individual needs of each kid is a huge asset. I recommend every athlete and other coaches get on board or get left behind. "

Coach Jeff Jackson -

JPII HS Head Track & Field Coach

"This assessment and the exercises are extremely beneficial to each girl on our team.  I highly recommend this program for every team and athlete in any sport! "

Coach Kristi Robbins -

Former Head Coach St. Agnes HS Track & Field

"Our daughter improved her personal best from 13.67 to 13.22 in less than 4 weeks. As far as we are concerned, she will keep doing this program until long after she earns a college scholarship."

Parents- Sydney K. - Plano, TX

"The RunRite program has done so much for my sons. In particular, it has not only helped them run faster and avoid injuries.I  'm more impressed with their increased self-confidence and accountability.  As for performances, Drew was having injuries before starting that almost ended his senior year.  Drake dropped from 2:11 to 1:59 in the 800 his junior year in his first 4 months and now as a senior he has already had PRs in the 200, 400 and is down to 1:55 in the 800!"

Parents- Drake and Drew S. - Phoenix, AZ