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(3-5% for Faster Elite Athletes)


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"When an athlete performs exercises based upon their body's strengths and weaknesses instead of their race times, it's possible for any athlete to run up to 20% faster and eliminate runner related injuries in less than 10 weeks."
Zig Ziegler - The Sports Kinesiologist

We challenge any and every athlete who runs or runs to train to try our solution for their sports to achieve breakthroughs in their individual results. 

We also consult with coaches, trainers, therapists & facilities seeking data driven results who desire to provide their athletes with opportunities to achieve uniquely individualized results.

A limited number of athletes & teams residing in the Dallas, Texas are invited to work directly "in person" with.....
Zig Ziegler - The Sports Kinesiologist

(over 30 years of research, coaching, and results)

Success Stories & Feedback

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"Our daughter improved her personal best from 13.67 to 13.22 in less than 4 weeks. As far as we are concerned, she will keep doing this program until she earns a college scholarship."

Parents- Sydney K. - Plano, TX

"The RunRite program has done so much for my sons. In particular, it has not only helped them run faster and avoid injuries.I  'm more impressed with their increased self-confidence and accountability.  As for performances, Drew was having injuries before starting that almost ended his senior year.


Thanks to Zig he got healthy quickly and made it to the state meet.   Drake dropped from 2:11 to 1:59 3 in the 800 his junior year in his first 4 months and now as a senior he has already had PRs in the 200, 400 and 800 including running 155.82 in the 800M!"

Parents- Drake and Drew S. - Phoenix, AZ

"As high school coaches, we can only do so much in the limited amount of time we have with the number of athletes in our programs.  Having a service like RunRite which really focuses on the individual needs of each kid is a huge asset. I recommend every athlete and other coaches get on board or get left behind. "

Coach Jeff Jackson -

JPII HS Head Track & Field Coach

"This assessment and the exercises are extremely beneficial to each girl on our team.  I highly recommend this program for every team and athlete in any sport! "

Coach Kristi Robbins -

St. Agnes HS Head Track & Field Coach

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Now taking applicants for our Fall Transformation Challenge beginning...

September 12 , 2022

Each  Participant Receives...

  • Weekly "Live" Coaching Sessions

    • Virtual or In Person​ (recorded in case you miss it)

  • Customized Exercise Updates with Each Assessment

  • Lifetime Access to the RunRite Transformation Facebook Group

The Most Improved athletes will be awarded a share of over $1,000,000 in prizes from our sponsors. 

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The perfect challenge for the individual athlete looking for a truly customized solution to run faster, jump higher, or throw farther while eliminating athlete related injuries!

The RunRite Challenge is a runner transformation available to athletes virtually or in person. 


The RunRite Transformation Challenge is the only program guaranteed to give you the exact exercises unique to you to improve your body's ability to run, jump, or throw for athletes who run or run to train for their sport!  


  • Each participant receives their own person wearable RunRite System -The first and only wearable system which combines video and sensors monitoring...

    • Full Range of Motion in All 3 Planes of Motion

    • Strength and Power of Both Legs or Arms

    • Runner Posture (pelvis/torso) or any combination.

Participants will use The RunRite System daily or weekly to measure progress of Individual runner technique, Individual Muscles Kinesiology and Biomechanics for each step you take on the field, track, court, or anywhere. 

Every participant will receive unlimited access to their own individualized  exercises and drills to do at home or your gym!

Customized exercise programs includes video instruction on how to perform the unique drills and exercises recommended which are guaranteed to improve the physical performance factors preventing each individual athlete from running 20% faster including...

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Emotional & Mental Clarity

  • Pre-Race / Pre Event Preparation

  • Race Strategy

  • Strength & Flexibility Routines

  • Reducing the Risk, Recovering From, and Eliminating Track & Field Related Injuries

  • After the Challenge: What It Takes to Continue Transforming and Improving!

  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Recovery Recommendations

  • Pre-season, In-Season & Post Season Strategies

What We Do for Each Athlete...

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The  RunRite System measures: 


 Pounds of Force


Leg Range of Motion


Runner Posture


Muscle Imbalances


Runner Times and Performances


and much more for every step you take!

Each Virtual RunRite Transformation Athlete receives...



Use sensors individually or in sets:

 1) Legs 2) Arms 3) Pelvis/Torso

Your RunRite System Includes...

  • Two (2) RunRite Leg/Arm/Pelvis/Torso Sensors

    • (24+ Hour Battery Life)

  • Two (2) Pairs of RunRite Sensors Bands  

    • (XS, SM, M, L or XL)

  • Two (2) Mini USB Charging Cables

    • (6 inch. USB to Mini USB)

  • Access to All of Your Past Running Session Results

    •  (Stored on the the Device)

  • UNLIMITED Email Tech Support

  • Limited Telephone Tech Support-1  Hour per month

  • (min. 15 minute increments)

  • Unlimited Free Software Updates, Patches, & Fixes

  • Includes Special 6 Month Warranty

    • Featuring One FREE "No Questions Asked" Exchange of Sensors​

Are You Ready to Transform?


If accepted into our Transformation Challenge you'll discover...

  • How to Identify and Analyze Your Individual Runner Biomechanics

  • How to Impact Your Eight Physical Performance Factors 

  • An Understanding Runner Kinesiology and How to Impact Your Own

  • How to Use the RunRite System 

    • How to Read Your RunRite Reports and Interpret RunRite data

  • How to Identify Your Individual Flaws in Runner Technique

  • Identifying the Root Cause of Your Runner Related Injuries and Technique Flaws

  • How to Run Up to 20% Faster in Less than 10 Weeks​

  • How to Refine Your Runner Biomechanics and Technique

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Athletes and coaches must attend a virtual orientation and introduction to discover if you are right for our program and if our program is right for you