Coaches and Team Managers

Create at team or Register your existing club or school team for one or more meets or the entire season!


  • Registration Fees include TWO (2) events per meet for each athlete on the team.

  • Teams may consist of a maximum of 24 athletes in each age group

  • Teams with athletes entered in sprints and hurdles are guaranteed two races per meet.

    • Each heat will be assigned a specific start time. 

    • Warm Ups allowed before your athlete's race start time.

    • Heats will be determined based upon athletes best performance to ensure the best competition for each athlete regardless of age group entered division division.

    • Girls and Boys may end up competing against each other if the level of competition allows each athlete to be inspired to achieve their best performance


  • All field events athletes on each team are allowed at least four (4) attempts in each meet or three defaults based on NFHS rules.. Finalists will be allowed an additional 4 jumps in most meets.

  • All meets will be timed with fully automatic timing (FAT) and measurement systems.

  • Our meet schedules are designed to provide each athlete with the best opportunity to achieve their best performances. 

  • For for teams with athletes competing in more than one event, we will plan a schedule which allows athlete time to recover for their next event.

  • Our intention is to shorten the amount of time an athlete and their family has to be onsite while maximizing the athlete's potential results. 

  • Registration fees include Two Events per Athlete per Meet

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