Indoor Running & Field Events Center to open in the DFW Area in January 2023!

Almost one year to the day to its arrival in the state of Texas, RunRite will open the doors of a location to provide opportunities for athletes to compete in the sport of track and field indoors this coming January! this milestone marks an exciting opportunity for athletes in the DFW area. This location will host The Indoor Track & Field League's year-round meets, camps and clinics, open to individuals and teams.

Over the years, many hurdlers, sprinters, field event athletes, and distance runner have travelled to Houston, Lubbock, Arkansas, Alabama and Oklahoma, while other athletes have skipped the indoor season all together. The cost associated with traveling to out of town meets keeps many athletes from traveling. Families can expect to spend hundreds of dollars in meet entry fees, hotels, meals, and gas expenses just to watch one of their kids compete for a few seconds. RunRite's Grapevine location will allow athletes to sleep in their own beds and wake up to travel less than an hour to compete in this centrally located site. For less than the cost of traveling to one out of town meet, families can watch their athletes compete indoors for an entire season.

While this satellite location will not offer a full 200 meter oval, the facility features...

  • An Eight (8) Lane Sprint & Hurdle Straight Track​

  • Two (2) Long / Triple Jump Pits

  • Two (2) Pole Vault Pits

  • High Jump Area with three (3) Practice Pits {2 for competition}

  • One (1) Shot Put/Throwing Area with Three (3) Rings {2 for practice)

  • A 1,500 square foot Strength Training Area

  • A RunRite Kinesiology & Biomechanics Lab

  • A 3D Foot Assessment Lab and Athletic Training Room

  • A Vibration Massage and Compression Therapy Recovery Area

  • An On Site Physical Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer by appointment

  • Cold and Hot Therapy Tubs

The location will be the temporary home to The Indoor Track and Field League which offers youth through adults athletes, of all ability levels, an opportunity to compete as Free Agents or as members of club or high school teams in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in a limited number of events.

Athletes will select from the following track events:

  • 40 Yard Hurdles (2 hurdles) to the 60 Meter Hurdles (5 hurdles)

  • 40 Yard Dash (we're making this an event) to the 60 Meter Dash​

Athletes will also select from the following field events

  • Shot Put

  • Weight Throw

  • Long Jump

  • Triple Jump

  • High Jump

  • Pole Vault

  • Vertical Leap Challenges

  • Medicine Ball Throwing Challenge

  • And many other special events!


  • Athletes may enter two events in most meets and up to three (3) events in some meets.


Distance runners get a full cross country season and an outdoor track season to develop their skills in running. However, the seven-week outdoor high school season and even shorter middle school track schedules in the state of Texas provides athletes especially in the sprints and field events with limited opportunities to improve each year.

In the Indoor Track & Field League, individual athletes and teams may register for a single meet. Athletes may also compete weekly for the entire season over 8 to 10 weeks in a maximum of seven (7) meets including an in house Indoor Track & Field League State Championship Meet.

These short season schedules provide athletes with the opportunity to compete in order to stay healthy and continue improving while reducing their risk of injuries. Season will be offered in the Fall, Winter, Spring (for elementary and middle school athlete) with an offering for indoor track and field meets for athletes looking to beat the heat in a climate controlled environment.

We created a family friendly meet schedule with assign competition times. During the season,

  • Younger athletes (2nd through 6th grade) will compete in the mornings

  • Older athletes (7th through 12th grade) will compete in the afternoons/evenings


  • January 6-7, 2023

  • January 14-15, 2023

  • January 21-23, 2023

  • January 28-29, 2023

  • February 4-5, 2023

Keep in mind your league rules when registering or competing in The Indoor Track and Field League. UIL Coaches may not coach their athletes, but you can still train them and watch from the stands. TAPPS, SPC and other leagues all have different rules.

Registration opportunities are now open as athletes and team are now free to register to compete at...

For questions about competing in

The Indoor Track & Field League

please call: 469.240.1951


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