The Indoor Track is coming to north Texas

For Immediate Release: August 27, 2021

Dallas, TX: RunRite Track and Field announced today a commitment to bring a major indoor track and field arena to Texas. The Indoor Track , a 200,000 square foot arena and sports complex dedicated 100% to track and field will be located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The Indoor Track will feature a 200 Meter banked competition track, a 3 lane indoor 400 Meter warm up track, a 10,000 square foot strength training and recovery area, seating for over 4,500 spectators, and more. An outdoor training area will also be integrated in the plans for the company’s Texas location. The Indoor Track will also provide continuing education and training programs for athletes and coaches.

“When you think of track and field, Texas is the first state that comes to mind,” said Zig Ziegler, Founder of The Indoor Track. “For decades, some of the greatest performances in many events in our sport have come from athletes in and from the great state. We are excited to bring The Indoor Track as well as our RunRite and other athlete assessment technology and programs to the north Texas area.”

Already a premiere state for high school and youth track & field, this relationship will not only enhance Texas coaches' ability to train athletes, but also showcase the states never-ending talent in meets year-round. With only three in the state already, the addition of a fourth indoor track & field facility in Texas poses unparalleled potential for our coaches, athletes, and fans.

The Indoor Track will also feature wearable technology designed to assist coaches in improving individual track and field performances while reducing their risk of injury.

“Track and Field is not a simple sport,'' said Ziegler. “Through our technology and research we have seen how much time and distance is lost on many performances even with quality coaching. Track and field coaches have worked hard for years and achieved great success in spite of a lack of funding, long hours, and very little respect. Our sport impacts every other sport. And it's time for track and field athletes and coaches to have access to facilities, programs, salaries, technology, and opportunities similar to other sports!”

In addition to our indoor track and field arena RunRite is also committed to opening approximately 30 teams based in satellite Indoor Track & Field Training and Competition Centers around the state of Texas to assist athletes and coaches in breaking personal records and staying healthy for the sport.

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