RunRite's Plans for Indoor Track and Field facilities; Licensed locations available.

September 18, 2022

Indoor Track & Field League prepares to open training and competition locations around the country!

Until now, youth and high school track and field athletes, who don’t play football, have run cross country, joined club soccer teams, or trained early mornings and after school alone or in small groups just to stay in shape.

RunRite Track & Field, the parent company of The Indoor Track & Field League (ITFL) announced today it still intends to open up to 10 indoor track and field arenas nationwide. In October of 2021, the company began working through the planning, design, and construction of a 300,000 square foot, 4,500 seat indoor indoor track and field arena planned for McKinney, Texas. The flagship arena, sitting on over 300 acres, is expected to be completed in 2024. This location will host an annual indoor national championship meet for The Indoor Track & Field League - open to youth and adult athletes.

With the support its capital investment and financing partners, the company plans to open or license thirty-six (36) Indoor Track & Field Events Training Centers locations licensed to individual affiliates over the next 18-24 months. These satellite locations will be able to provide opportunities for throwers, pole vaulters, high jumpers, long and triple jumpers, hurdlers, and sprinters who desire to develop and showcase their abilities in the sport indoors where weather is not a factor.

The company has retained real estate agents to scout locations nationwide beginning with Texas, California, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, New York, Florida and many other areas where the weather or demand impact the sport of track field.

The Indoor Track and Field Events Training Centers will range in size from 7,500 to 50,000 square feet. These smaller facilities will not contain a full 200 meter oval commonly used for full indoor track and field meets. Instead these facilities may feature training and competitions for a as few as a single field event or contain enough space for coaching athletes in multiple disciplines of the sport.

Each satellite location, dedicated 100% to track and field, may host shot put and weight throw competitions and training in throwing areas. Long and triple jumpers may compete in multiple long sand pits. Pole vault and high jump pits will be the landing area for athletes seeking to reach new heights. Sprinters and hurdlers will be able to refine their performance on 60 to 100 meter indoor straight track surfaces to compete in races from 40 yard to 60 meters. In addition, athletes may recover from training and competition with compression therapy, massages, and cold plunges.

Home to The Indoor Track and Field League (ITFL) powered by RunRite, licensed locations will provide athletes with opportunities to train and compete in the sport year round, leveling the playing field with other club sports like soccer, baseball, fast pitch softball, and volleyball. The ITFL has decided to open these satellite locations locations in preparation to host a major indoor national championships for the league in late 2024. These smaller locations will serve as central training centers for athletes participating in The Indoor Track & Field League.

Some locations will be corporate owned. However, individuals looking to own a team within The Indoor Track & Field League may purchase the rights to a territory which are divided by high school regions.

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