Research shows the "Average Sprinter" is losing 6/10ths/Second per 100 Meters! More for Distance Run

As the founder of RunRite, since 1999 I have been analyzing the biomechanics of runners and athletes who run to train for their sport and tracking their progress using 3D-motion capture technology. I've compiled the results of over 30,000 athletes ages 8 to 44. In this post below are some of our findings. I know, this sounds like an impossible number of athletes in a research study. Consider this....

Our RunRite System, which powers the upcoming Indoor track & Field League, is a biomechanics assessment technology which analyzes the kinesiology of athletes and identifies the strengths and physical compensations of athletes which impacts their ability to run, jump, and throw. The RunRite System is used to analyze groups of athletes from schools and teams ages youth to professional. The RunRite System instantly generates real data reports identifying areas of the body impacting athlete performance in less than 3 minutes per athlete.

Here's how much improvement was made by the average athlete (male and female) from our research in less than 6 weeks!

  • 40 Yard Dash Over 30 professional football players improved by 2/10ths of a second in 10 yards in less than 10 days. We'll tell you how. It had nothing to do with running technique, plyos, olympic lifting, or changes to the start!

  • Sprinters: 6/10ths of a second per 100 Meters

  • 800/1-Mile//2-Mile/5k: 7.5 (male) to 11.75 (female) seconds per 400 Meters (The greatest amount of possible improvement is in these events)

  • Long Jumpers: 9 inches

  • High Jumpers: 4 inches

The same results, I will share with you caused the following results in a limited sampling pool of 37 throwers.

  • Throwers: 18 feet in the discus and 2.5 feet in the shot put

Before you call BS... check this out. Instead of just collecting data in a lab like most researchers, myself along with my team, actually guided tens of thousands of athletes as they performed exercises and drills. We eliminated what didn't work and kept what did. And we measured every step of the the way. We also discovered no increased benefits from athletes doing most of the complicated exercises done in strength training today. But athletes sure do look more athletic. (I can't wait to share my research on Olympic lifting with you!) Beginning Wednesday night (October 26th, 2022 at 7:00 pm CST), catch me, Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist and inventor of The RunRite System as I share some of the results of my findings and exactly what you can do to help your athletes make up for lost time and distance. You'll be able to implement what I share with you the next day! I'll repeat these Breakthrough Seminars every other Wednesday (except during the upcoming holiday weeks (Thanksgiving & Christmas).

To join, click this link and register. These results are averages. And of course elite athletes showed less improvement. Remember though, these are actual gains showing the average improvement achieved in six (6) weeks doing everything that was asked of them with constant monitoring. Some athletes improved more and others less. Your athletes might only get back 50% of these results. Is it worth it?

Many coaches are excellent at what they do! And most coaches probably give the best cues they know to athletes based upon what they know. In this event, you may discover what you don't know, that you don't know. We didn't even know it until I measured it.

Normally, our 1.5 hour seminar has a fee of $99. But for coaches who work with youth athletes, use the code "Breakthrough" when you register to gain the access for 70% OFF. Participants will be able to ask questions. And if you already know what we are sharing with you, we will refund your $30 fee.

Regardless, it's worth it to us to make this information available to coaches for your athletes! The bonus is your athletes will reduce their risk of injuries by 50%!

We look forward to seeing you on this zoom presentation! PARENTS AND ATHLETES WELCOME TO ATTEND AS WELL!

Don't forget to invite your athletes to register for the upcoming Texas Indoor Track & Field Holiday Festival (click here) from December 27-31, 2022 in Grapevine, Texas (minutes from DFW airport).

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