New Indoor Track & Field League Gives Athletes in Texas Options to Train and Compete

The Indoor Track and Field League to Kickoff inside the first facility in the country dedicated 100% to the sport opening in Texas this coming Fall!

Football may be king in Texas but indoor track and field may be the next Queen. RunRite Track & Field has planted its flag in Texas with plans to open at least one indoor track and field arena in McKinney, Texas. In addition, the company and its affiliates plan includes over 36 indoor track and field training and competition centers over the next 36 months which will host The Indoor Track and Field League.

In December, of 2022, the company began working through planning, design, and construction of a 300,000 square foot, 4,500 seat indoor indoor track and field arena planned for McKinney, Texas. The first season of the Indoor Track & Field League will be held inside smaller indoor track and field events training centers which will range in size from 5,000 to 40,000 square feet.

The facilities will be dedicated 100% to indoor track & field featuring all field events, short sprints and hurdles. The Indoor Track and Field League powered by RunRite will provide athletes with opportunities to train and compete in the sport year round, leveling the playing field with other club sports like soccer, baseball, fast pitch softball, and volleyball.

Until now, youth and high school track and field athletes, who don’t play football, have run cross country, joined club soccer teams, or trained early mornings and after school alone or in small groups just to stay in shape.

The Indoor Track & Field League will provide opportunities for throwers, pole vaulters, high jumpers, long and triple jumpers, hurdlers, and sprinters to develop and showcase their abilities. These smaller facilities will not contain a full 200 meter oval commonly used for full indoor track and field meets.

Distance runners are not forgotten either, as all athletes will benefit from a RunRite Runner Transformation Studio and 1 Mile to 5K transformation programs. Programs feature the company’s proprietary technology, The RunRite System, which identifies any athlete's strengths, limitations, and the root cause of runner-related injuries.

The Indoor Track & Field League, who’s founders include legendary track and field Hall of Fame long jumper Bob Beamon and former Arizona Cardinals & Cleveland Browns NFL Linebacker Jamir Miller, is the brainchild of Zig Ziegler, the sports kinesiologist who invented the RunRite technology which will be central to the facility’s programs.

“Our program has caused the average youth and high school distance runner to cut up to 45 seconds per mile off their personal best times in less than 90 days,'' said Ziegler. “No two athletes are the same physically regardless of training for and competing in the same event, so they should not be trained the same way.”

“We believe that with the proper training methods, athletes will begin to understand his or her strengths and weaknesses and ultimately reach a new personal best each and every year,” Beamon added. “Breaking the barriers can best describe my jump I made at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and RunRite is the Barrier Breaker for the track and field athletes of today,”

Beamon’s gold-medal-winning performance in the 1968 Olympics in the long jump transformed the event and has transcended decades of competitors. Beamon’s leap of 8.90 meters (29 ft 2 inches) surpassed the previous world record by over 55 centimeters (21.65 inches) further than anyone had ever jumped before.

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The schedule and lack of opportunities has given other sports the opportunities to win over “would-be” track and field stars. NCAA Champion Abby Steiner from the University of Kentucky had soccer as a primary sport until recently signing a multi-million dollar pro contract. Track and field has now made Steiner a millionaire athlete and a household name after her performances on the track.

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There are likely many other future collegiate track and field scholarships waiting for athletes who may be struggling for playing time in another sport. Track and field has long been considered a sport anyone can do. And so everyone comes out for track and the coaches are overloaded and many undertrained.

Athletes who train and compete on high school or club track and field teams will be able to compete in meets in the league’s Open Divisions with track and field meets every other week during the upcoming Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. A limited number of athlete and coach memberships are available.

To register for an upcoming Open Division indoor track and field meet visit, or for league memberships, visit

To inquire about owning a team within the US Indoor Track and Field League or to license a satellite indoor track & field events training center location, please contact: Zig Ziegler, League Commissioner via