Legendary Track and Field Hall of Fame Member Bob Beamon Joins RunRite and The Indoor Track Team!

For Immediate Release: July 5, 2022, McKinney, Texas

Media Contact: Ross Giles (469) 240-1951, Z Media & Entertainment, Inc.

As a Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of The Indoor Track & Field League, Bob Beamon will play a crucial role in growing the sport for the next generation of track and field athletes.

Over the past 55 years only one performance in track and field is recognized as among the greatest sports performances of all time. On a cool Fall night in Mexico City at the 1968 Olympics, Robert "Bob" Beamon leapt

to the history books, shattering the existing world and the Olympics meet record in the long jump.

Beamon's leap, 8.90 meters (29 feet 2 inches), broke the existing world record by 55 centimeters (21.75 inches). Beamon's world record would stand for 23 years and the Olympic record still stands today 54 years later!

For most of his life, Beamon has been an ambassador for the sport. Working with youth in Miami and

participating in events all around the world. Beamon has found it extremely important to give back to the sport which provided him with so many opportunities.

RunRite Track and Field, a division of Z Media & Entertainment, announced in late 2021 its intention to build a major indoor track and field training and competition arena in Texas. The company's plans include 10 such facilities around the state and in various other cities around the county. After meeting Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist and CEO of Z Media, during his recent induction into the Texas Track and Field Hall of Fame in January of 2022, Beamon expressed an interest in being a part of the movement, inspired by the opportunity to transform the sport.

"I am extremely excited about taking the giant step into the future of track and field," said Beamon. "I am also grateful to work with RunRite. In 1963, as a sophomore in high school, my coach Larry Ellis began coaching me; and one of the important comments he made to me was that he would not change my style of jumping. We began perfecting my style of jumping instead of emulating other jumpers."

Upon opening, The Indoor Track's facilities will be the only facilities dedicated 100% to the sport of track and field. The Indoor Track will provide athletes of all abilities with opportunities to showcase their skills. In addition, the facilities will offer programs utilizing proprietary technology invented by Ziegler, which can identify areas of any athlete's body which when improved can transform their performances.

Zig Ziegler (left) and Bob Beamon pose for a quick photo on the night Beamon was inducted into the Texas Track & Field Hall of Fame
Zig Ziegler (left) and Bob Beamon pose for a quick photo on the night Beamon was inducted into the Texas Track & Field Hall of Fame.

"Track and field, as a sport, has been left behind by other youth sports at the youth club and high school levels," said Ziegler. "Many athletes are not even introduced to the sport until middle or high school, and then it is only chosen by many as a secondary sport to get in shape for other sports. Our goal is to inspire athletes to choose track and field as their primary sport by giving athletes access to a program and events which rival other sports to which they are exposed like youth club soccer, club volleyball and little league baseball."

Only recently have college coaching salaries started to reach acceptable levels in comparison to other sports. In many cases, at the high school level track and field is the second job of other coaches who come from football or other sports coaches. Some are teachers who are tasked with coaching the sport because they teach physical education or possess previous experience in running.

And yet, some other schools hire parents who run 5k races on the weekends and have a passion for running. Meanwhile, other sports recruit and hire the best former players or elite coaches to guide our youth athletes.

“Bob brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge of what it takes to transform this sport,” added Ziegler. “He also gets our mission and understands the journey we are on to make track and field more than what other sports do for punishment. We are truly blessed to have him on our team!”

The indoor Track believes now is the time for track and field to shine and grow through a grassroots program which reaches all communities at the early stages when youth athletes are choosing their sports path.

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