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The Indoor Track Logo


The Indoor Track at McKinney will be a 240,000 square foot, track and field only facility spanning 580 feet in length and over 300 feet wide.

Opening in Phases

beginning 2nd Quarter 2024

The Indoor Track & Runner's Course at McKinney will feature...

  • Six (6) Lane 200-Meter “Hydraulic” Banked Track with an Eight (8) Lane Straight Away​

  • Two (2) Long / Triple Jump Pits

  • Two (2) Pole Vault Pits

  • Two (2) High Jump Pits

  • Two (2) Shot Put/Throwing Rings

  • 10,000 sq. ft. Strength Training Facility

  • Three (3) Lane 400-Meter Indoor Warm-Up Track

  • 44,000 sq. ft Indoor Turf Warm-Up Area

  • RunRite Kinesiology & Biomechanics Lab

  • Athlete Massage & Recovery Rooms

  • Cold and Hot Therapy Pools

  • Outdoor Track & Field Complex

  • Outdoor Field Events Throwing Area

The Runner's Course


At over 271 Acres, The Runner's Course is being created to give every runner the best possible training and runner experience every time.


The Runner's Course will feature a 200 yard by 20 yard wide  training hill, 3K, 5K, 6K, 8K, and 10K natural trails and a 1 Mile field turf straight course for hosting our annal event, The McKinney Mile.


Whether it is a charity race of 200 or an event of 10,000, our intention is that every runner walks away from training or competing on The Runner's Course with a positive experience. We make it our goal to provide the best service and experience to


The Runner's Course also uses the latest technology and highest quality timing products on the market to give athletes reliable results every time.

The Runner's Course will make an athlete's next race... their best race!

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