The Allen Indoor Track & Field Events Center

Allen, TX 75013, USA

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The Indoor Track and Field Events Training Center at Allen is a 25,000 square foot facility dedicated 100% to providing opportunities for track and field athletes to improve and showcase their skills in field events, short sprints, and hurdles. (This location features a limited field events training area as well as six (6) sprint and hurdle lanes. No indoor size track oval) ​ The Indoor Track & Training Center in Allen will offer... Tryouts for Teams from 8U to 18U Open meets for non-members Invitational Meets for Members

Allen, Texas

- - PLANNED OPENING 2023- Licensee Owned facility to be located within a 5 mile radius of the location on the map

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Sprints & Field Events Training Center


Under 25,000 Sq Ft

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Allen, TX 75013, USA