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& Runner's Course at Allen, Texas

Temporary Building Opening - Fall/Winter of 2022


The Indoor Track Artist Rendering Outside Track

The Indoor Track

The Indoor Track at Allen will be a 140,000 square foot, track and field only facility spanning 450 feet in length and over 250 feet wide.

The Indoor Track at Allen features...

  • Six (6) Lane 200-Meter “Hydraulic” Banked Track with an Eight (8) Lane Straight Away​

  • Two (2) Long / Triple Jump Pits

  • Two (2) Pole Vault Pits

  • Two (2) High Jump Pits

  • Two (2) Shot Put/Throwing Rings

  • Three (3) Lane 300-Meter Indoor Warm-Up Track

  • 10,000 sq. ft. Strength Training Facility

  • 24,000 sq. ft Indoor Turf Warm-Up Area

  • RunRite Kinesiology & Biomechanics Lab

  • Athlete Massage & Recovery Rooms

  • Cold and Hot Therapy Pools

  • Outdoor Track & Field Complex

The Runner's Course

The Runner's Course at Allen will give every runner the best possible training and runner experience every time.


The Runner's Course will feature a 100 yards long by 20 yards wide training hill and a 1,000 yard field turf runner's loop for outdoor warm up and training. 

Whether you are just exercising for health getting ready for a charity race of 200 or an event of 10,000, our intention is that every runner walks away from training on The Runner's Course with a positive experience. We make it our goal to provide the best service and experience to EVERY ATHLETE... EVERY TIME!​

The Indoor Track Artist Rendering Indoor Overview