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Embrace your Passion for Youth and Adult Sports!

Increase opportunities in the Sports 
In 2022, most athletes are still not exposed to track and field until middle school.  As a results, athletes gain significant experiences and a love for other sports. 

Because most people believe that if you can walk you can run, track and field is also believed to be one of the simplest of sports to train for - all you have to do is go out and run. However, just like other sports, athletes excel with year-round competition.

Share Your Love for the Sport with Others

If you are passionate about the sport of track and field with a desire to be own a business committed to helping youth athletes, you're the ideal candidate to own an Indoor Track & Field  League team and facility. 


Our satellite location opportunities range in size from 7,500 square feet to 50,000 square feet.  Our locations may be independently owned and operated by licensees and affiliates.  


All facilities utilize the ITFL's motion capture biomechanics and timing sensors to monitor each individual athlete's performances and reduce their risk of injuries

Building Athletes from the Ground Up & Inside Out!

With so many different exercises and philosophies about how to make an athlete run faster or farther, jump higher or farther and throw farther, we've created a curriculum which guarantees every athlete will improve by 5-10-20% in less than 1 year. 


Our affiliates, soon to be located all over the world, constitute a community of coaches educated in human movement, as well as track & field, who care about the the transformation of the sport for its survival.    The ITFL is committed to growing the sport while developing the whole person through activities in track and field -building self esteem, and confidence!



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